Friday, December 2, 2011

Yard Sale This Weekend

So I decided it was time to clean out the garage I think I'm going to put up some of my vintage clothing for sale, they seem to be sitting too long on my etsy shop. I think the biggest problem with my clothes at this point is that not very many people are a size 6-8 anymore. Of course unless you're in Junior High! So anyway, I'm sure if my clothes were a size 14-16 they'd be gone by now. Anyway, hoping I can get up early enough seems like lately I can't get going until at least 9 a.m. especially if the kids have had a bad night were they've been up all night. We'll see. Maybe I'll see some of you tomorrow...if you are not local, I'd be more than willing to give you my yard sale price on any of my items just email me.....

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