Sunday, March 6, 2011

Here's some trivia for you: What happens when you get cooped up in a house with three crazy kids for an entire weekend? Answer: You let the house go to hell and you start crafting! Right at this moment I'm sitting at my computer with piles of mail, garbage, Doritos, and spilled juice under my seat, but I'm so excited about this new craft I tried. I found it on one of the blogs I follow and thought I'd try it out. Check out my fabric rings which I should probably call ribbon rings cause I made them out of ribbon instead of fabric. But it was fun, and I plan on making more. It's a perfect thing to do with the left over ribbon and scraps you have from presents or other craft projects. They're easy adorable and I'd like to thank Vanessa Christianson from V and Co. for sharing her project idea and getting me inspired again!

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