Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Backyard Project Part 1

I am by no means an expert gardener, in fact, I'm probably more "gardening challenged" than most people. However, I've decided to take on the completely insane and almost humanly impossible task of landscaping my backyard, and starting a vegetable garden. We've lived in this house for over 10 years. Believe it or not we have done some things to it. We've added a "playground" that is more a death trap or lawsuit waiting to happen. I planted a couple of trees with the best of intentions, but they look severely distressed, depressed, and just overall miserable. I brought home a couple chickens, a cat, a few dogs, all we've had to get rid of for one reason or another, now we have a rabbit who mostly spends time in the garage. He's just too humiliated to even live here. We did put up a gate where we had nothing at all, hence having to get rid of the chickens, they were just too scrumptously tempting for the neighborhood Jack Russell Terrier. Then of course came the kids and years and summers ignoring the seeding, weeding, maintaining, sometimes even watering.

So through all this our backyard has the that "look" like when you pass by a house and look at the yard and wonder if the place has been abandoned. yeah. here's a peek...

Even my son looks confused in all the mess.... So anyway, to get started I did some research and read an article that suggests starting seeds indoors at least 8 weeks before you plant to get a nice solid plant is the best way to go. I gathered my empty egg carton, some potting soil, and my summer squash seeds. Nothing to it right? Just poke a hole in the dirt, insert seed and water. Keep on the windowsill until it germinates...So my 8 year old tells me. Here she is giving me instructions:

So ready or not, here I go! With no experience, no time, and pretty much no budget, I'll be visiting other gardening blogs and reading articles and then testing them in my backyard, and let's just say if you follow this blog (why would you want to you're probably asking, but hey, you're reading this right now right?) I'll be making all the mistakes for you! So it's a win, win situation! Sort of. :)

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