Monday, October 10, 2011

So we had a great day at Roses and Rust! We sold a bunch made a ton of new friends and I'm hoping to go back next year! Everyone was so cool, there was one lovely lady who came around with free cheese and crackers during the day, and then at the end of the day she offered us some apple cider or red wine it was just so nice of her! Wish I would've found out who she was I'd send her a thankyou card or a necklace or something. The only bad thing, I forgot my camera! So I couldn't take any pictures of our booth, but I think it looked okay. We purchased a few frames and stands from our neighbors shabby chic and vintage finds, and we were able to put together a nice display. All in all it was fun! And my team and I had a great time putting it together and offering our one of kind pieces! Thanks to Toni for working so hard setting up (oh and watching my brats get wet in the water fountains), and of course our artist elite, Debbie!  Well, I'll be posting a bunch more of the latest creations we have at our etsy shop at least 5-10 new pieces per day...depending on how many diapers blow outs and little disasters I have during the day!

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